Clear Float Glass

Commonly known as Clear Float Glass, this is a standard clear glass available in a variety of thicknesses. It can be customized to your requirements by applying different glass services to the glass. With our customization ability, you can choose to apply glass processing to make Clear Float Glass whatever require. Available in:

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Decorative Glass

We have a large range of decorative glass available and on display in our showroom. If you don’t find what you are looking for special patterned glass can also be ordered. Most decorative glass can be toughened glass so this can be installed in a bathroom or anywhere else that the AS 1228-2006 calls for a safety glass.

And if none of these take your fancy we can have a piece of glass especially designed and manufactured just for you. This is done through a process called slumping, where an artist puts patterns into a sand bed and then the glass is heated and put over the design leaving the image imprinted into the glass.

Decorative Glass can be applied to almost anything, whether it be a kitchen, shower screen, cabinet, or feature wall and it provides a more sophisticated look to any design. The most popular decorative glass types are in stock and for those that aren’t, they can be ordered in for you without a fuss.

Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass can be defined as two pieces of glass joined together with a film interlayer. This film interlayer has a natural ability to capture noise reducing the noise output dramatically and can be used in situations where there are excess noise from roads, rail, air traffic and also where impact protection and safety is required.

Toughened Safety Glass is a glass that has been put through a process where a chemical is added to float glass and then the glass is baked. This process makes the glass more dense giving it more strength than regular float glass, it also changes the properties of the glass so that if the glass is broken rather than going into sharp dangerous shards it will break into small crystal like fragments that do not cause injury. This process can be applied to most glass, some decorative glass has too much variance in the thickness and will break when this process is applied.

The following types of safety glass are kept in stock at Modglass; anything else can be ordered in upon request:

6.38 Clear Laminated
6.38 Grey Laminated
6.38 Bronze Laminated
10.38 Clear Laminated
10.38 Grey Laminated
10.38 Bronze Laminated

Table tops

Glass can be cut to size from various thicknesses for all table top requirements. We have a huge range of thicknesses, patterns and finishes available.

Glass shelves

We can provide glass shelving as a supply only service or we can consult on-site to discuss the best options available to ensure a great result. We measure on-site, manufacture and install making the whole process nice and easy.


Modglass can supply mirrors to your specifications or alternately we can look after the job from start to finish - On site measure up, cut the glass to your specifications and install.


4mm Silver mirror
6mm Silver mirror
4mm Grey mirror
6mm Grey mirror
4mm Bronze mirror
6mm Bronze mirror

Glass processing

Within the company’s premises we have an extensive processing department, where we can offer mirrors and glass with polished edges and drilled to your requirements, with a quick turnaround and very competitive rates.

Cutting, Arrising, Drilling & Polishing

Modglass prides itself on quality, workmanship and service, so whether you order a small piece of glass for a picture frame or a large piece of glass for a glass room divider we will give you the same service with a smile.


Glass sheets are available in a variety of sheet sizes, the largest being 3660 x 2440. As glass sheets do not come in the exact measurements or the shape you desire, Modglass offers a range of flexible shape and straight line cutting services so you can be creative and customise your own glass products. Give us your ideas and we’ll make it a reality. Our glass sheets are cut by hand by our truly skilled tradespeople so we’re not reliant on machines that often break down. You can rest assured your orders are processed quickly and because it is cut with precision to quality and perfection, that leaves no room for mistakes or delays. Our ability for customization coupled with quality and perfection makes Modglass the perfect choice.


When glass panes are cut, it contains micro cracks which can be dangerous during handling. Arrising is the process in which the edge and corners of a piece of ordinary glass is smoothened to ensure no sharpness remains. This helps prevent breakage and makes the glass safer to handle.


Add polish to a glass edge or corner. Not only will the glass edges be smooth after arrising but adding a polish will provide a more professional finish and a shiny polished edge. Fantastic for table tops.


We can drill holes into any thickness flat glass in our factory premises. Drilling cannot be performed on site as the machinery used for this process is a very large Diamond drill which is not portable. The hole sizes available are:

5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 39mm, 41mm, 45mm, 50mm, 64mm.

So if your looking for a piece of glass or mirror please call 5222 2252 for a Free measure and quote. One of our helpful and friendly sales consultants will be more than happy to assist you in your selections

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