Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular with Australia's outdoor entertainment culture. They are commonly used for balconies, stairs and wind breaks or alternatively, a way of dividing an outdoor area. Glass balustrades are appealing because they can give an uninterrupted view while still being an outstandingly safe method of fencing either at ground level or on a balcony.

If you want the latest in sleek and modern style for your balcony, safety barriers or fences to perfectly complement your veranda, patio, staircase, internal void or outdoor area then you have come to the right place. Glass and aluminium balustrade is also suited to traditional style homes. Aluminium can be powdercoated to match your existing colours around the house, allowing the glass and aluminium balustrade to look like it has always been part of the design of your home.

There are 3 standard designs available in our range listed below. We are also able to design, manufacture and

install custom balustrade systems to suit your individual needs and requirements. This allows great freedom in the design and concepts of your new home or renovation. For example a formalize pin system balustrade can showcase a seemingly floating staircase form, without interruption to its design. Have a browse through our photo gallery for some inspiration.Please be aware for safety reasons all balustrade systems that are 1000mm or above from the ground must be fitted with a handrail, this is one of the many Australian Standards.

Clear Span Framed System

The Clear Span design balustrade is the most cost effective balustrade solution in our range. It uses 6mm toughened glass and has aluminium framing surrounding the entire glass panel. This system always comes with a handrail as the handrail is a vital part of the structural integrity. This system has various types of handrails available and can come with either a gap between the glass and handrail or the glass can span between the bottom rail and the handrail.

Technical Information

Glass: 6mm Toughened Glass available in Clear, Tinted or Obscure
Framing: Available in any Powder coat colour, ask your showroom consultant about handrail and framing options

Semi Frameless System

This type of balustrade uses a 10mm thick toughened glass with vertical aluminium posts.

This system gives an elegant, attractive and most importantly safe solution to your verandah etc... with minimal obstruction to your views.

Technical Information

Glass: 10mm Clear Toughened Glass, available in Clear, Tinted or Obscure
Framing: 55mm x 50mm Powder coated aluminium uprites
Silicone: Various colours available to compliment aluminium powder coat colours, all silicone is mould proof.

Frameless Balustrade

Frameless glass balustrades are a designers dream. They are extremely versatile and suitable for commercial or residential properties and their elegance is suited to contemporary or traditional aesthetics. Glass balustrades can create the illusion of unlimited space. Without obvious joins in the glass and only a glazing channel running along the base of the balustrade, a frameless balustrade is the perfect solution when you need a safe barrier but you don’t want any obstructions to your view.Please note: handrail required if protecting fall over 1 metre, however sleek continuous handrails still achieve an elegant look.

Technical Information

Glass: 12mm Clear Toughened Glass, available in Clear, Tinted or Obscure
Framing: 85mm x 60mm (Approx Size) Powder coated aluminium floor mounted horizontally
Silicone: Various colours available to compliment aluminium powder coat colours, all silicone is mould proof.

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